Store to visit: Jenahara boutique.

I must say, I’ve always been interested to come and visit her fascinating boutique at Kemang, I passed through it many times until the day after it launched. No,I didn’t came because they’re having a clearance sale (almost half of my motive), but I just knew i had to come, it’s really tempting from outside, and it’s way more tempting inside, i just love the concept of the store: neat dark concrete walls and wooden floors, not to forget the wall of hopes painted in black doodled with colored charcoals and ofcourse, Jenahara’s logo.

I’m also purchased a headband with peacock feathers, I’ll probably wear it to a very special event, it cost only IDR150.00 for a high quality accessory, and ouh! there’s more feathers, but unfortunately, ladies.. the bandana was a new product so there’s no discount. I know, it’s sad. 

So here’s my review about her:

Jenahara, is a big fan of tribals, monochromes & feathers. as you can see. That’s why she creates the statement pattern for the brand.

C’est Magnifique Jenahara Nasution, well done!