The arrival of our first child, Bidadari Surga, Haura (Rara).

It’s been one month since her home-water-lotus birth now, loading myself with a whole new experience, Motherhood. 

Some fascinating details in Up2date’s Ingenious Collection;

1. The 5 headcover style (which you can see the differences from my previous post)

2. The bags & clutches

3. The neat design from the backside

4. The socks & shoes

5. The quirky-comfort-chic ambiance

6. The Japanese inspired belt design (obi)

7. & The total collection that screams: MODESTY on the right track

Assalamu'alaikum Kak Ashfi.. aku mau tanya nih. Sebagai model pasti kesulitan berjalan diatas catwalk dengan mata minus. Bagaimana cara kakak mengatasinya selain dengan menggunakan lensa kontak? Terimakasih kak :)

waalaikumsalam, kebetulan sy minus 3-4 jadi walau ga pake kacamata, paling ga masih bisa lihat dgn cukup jelas, walau buram, awalnya agak sulit memang berjalan d atas runway tanpa kontak lens, tapi lama2 terbiasa, apalagi terkadang sy memang lebih memilih untuk tdk memakai kontak lens bila medannya tdk terlalu berat, karena sy termasuk yang suka demam panggung.. hehe :p namun tidak dianjurkan tidak memakainya bila panggung cenderung licin dan tinggi, atau koreo yang rumit dan kondisi backstage yang rusuh & penuh..

“The doors of Heaven to mercy will be opened in four situations: when it rains; when a child looks kindly at his parent’s face; when the door of the Ka’bah is opened; and when marriage (occurs).” -Prophet Muhammad SAW

Your blog is very special!

Thank you! :D

I’ve been busy writing articles on Aquila Style lately, yess I’m now officially an Aquila Columnist! it’s written in Bahasa Indonesia, I’ll try my best to keep it synced between my tumblr page (english) and aquila page (bahasa ID).

The humble editor of Aquila Style-Indonesia Afia R. Fitriati found my Tokyo trip stories interesting, so here goes my first 3 articles about Tokyo; 1, 2, 3. I’m gonna need loads of clicks on my aquila page, it’s steaming!

The last one, for this continuous post about my trip in Tokyo (Oct ‘13), another little snippets that includes; interesting vehicle & signage, places that remains a mystery & moments of togetherness.

That’s my one week with my husband in Tokyo, can’t believe I’m taking too many pictures, it takes almost a month to publish it, but there’s more adventures awaits that needs to be told, just something I do, to be inspired each day.